Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Now it's the girls turn! Funny how the guys seem so cool and collected. We simply look giddy and euphoric. Just remember to have some fun with your girls!!

Photo by Gene Higa.

Photograph by Melissa Jill

Photo by Leigh Miller.

Photograph by Ann Hamilton

Photography by Jen Skog

Photograph by Next Exit

Photograph by Hy Studio

Photograph by Meg Baisden

Photography by Jessica Strickland

Photo by Perspecta

Photograph by Jen Skog

Photograph by Melissa Jill

Photograph by Evoke

Photograph by Ann Hamilton


DrewB said...

Thanks for featuring my picture on your blog! I feel honored to be among such great photographers!

Bellissima Vita said...

Hey Drew! Your photos are beautiful and I can't wait to feature more.