You Will Be Missed Tim Russert

For those of you who don't know I am a political junkie. I have grown up watching Tim Russert. I stayed up many election nights with Tim waiting for him to make the "call". It is truly a devastating loss to all but especially his family. I only wish my future children could have grown up watching Tim do his thing.

In the words of Teddy Kennedy (in a eulogy to his nephew JFK Jr.) we only wish Tim would have "lived to comb gray hair.....he had every gift but length of years."

I can't wait to tell him my first hand account of Election Night 2008.......someday but not yet. We will miss you my friend.


griffen said...

Ugh. This loss is so tough. He was such a joy to watch, I guess because his joy was so infectious.

Lisa + James said...

Wow, such nice heartfelt comments. I didn't watch his show often, but now I wish I had.