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Lets be honest: I am obsessed with weddings. A good obsession but an obsession none the less.

I also believe that all brides, no matter their budget, deserve the opportunity to hire a DOC.

When I began my DOC search I had a budget in mind. It was quite hard for me to find a DOC in that price range especially here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I did (thank you Christine!) but nowadays my "magic number" is almost impossible to find.

Reasons why my prices are lower than most:
  1. I don't support myself with the money I earn coordinating weddings. If I had to (and that is the plan someday) prices inevitably would have to go up.
  2. As an attorney I can justify charging $250 per hour. As a wedding coordinator I simply cannot (at least not yet, see number 1)
  3. I really love executing beautiful weddings. It does not feel like a job to me and the fact that I get paid to do this is only an added bonus.

For those on a budget my packages can be customized. To lower your costs you may want to think about hiring a DOC for your reception only (esp. if you already have say a church coordinator) or hiring a DOC for less hours overall.

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Coddswaddle said...

Can you help with out-of-state weddings/receptions? I'm currently in SF but the wedding is in Texas.

I would appreciate an email at: (remove all spaces)

g i n a m a e h a l l @ g m a i l