Cut Arts

Now had I found Cut Arts before my wedding it would have almost been a done deal....Maybe for our 10th anniversary celebration. Karl Johnson is a true artist. As it says on his website, "Each Silhouette is cut out entirely freehand. Karl simply looks at the subject's profile or photograph and starts cutting their exact likeness out of black paper."

Now this beautiful artwork does come at a price but these Silhouettes can double as your favors. Your guests definitely will be blow away by this.

Check him out at a recent wedding up here in Northern California:

Now if you simply cannot afford this unique set up at your wedding but love the idea why not take a picture from your wedding and have him cut a Silhouette from that. Here are a few examples:

I am seriously considering doing this for us. I just can't decide what picture to have him do....When I do order I will post pictures.

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