Blooming Tea Centerpieces

I am always on the look out for fairly inexpensive yet interesting ideas for centerpieces.

I fell in love with the look of blooming teas! Each centerpiece could be different as there are so many beautiful options out there. I actually love the look of different centerpieces at each table.
Check these out!

Ambrosia Teas sells many different varieties of blooming teas. 4 buds are $9.95! That is only about $2.49 per centerpiece for the floral aspect.

Some great container options:

Above pictures are from Pottery Barn but I have seen some great, low cost options at discount retailers such as Target, Ross, Marshalls etc.

The possibilities are endless and cost would be minimal. Think about also using Submersible FloraLytes to add interest. I used FloraLytes in some of my DIY projects for my wedding and they were a great addition.

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