Lighting Part 2 - Candles

Candles can really transform a space and create a truly magical wedding atmosphere.

Make sure you check with your ceremony and reception sites to make sure candles are allowed as some have policies against open flames.


Some are a simple as these from Crate & Barrel

Or more formal like these silver holders
from Jamali Garden.

These are also interesting from Jamali

Jamali Garden

Other Holders

These are very elegant. Jamali Garden

These are also unique. Illuminations

Hurricanes can also be used as centerpieces.

Great use of hanging lanterns. Pottery Barn

These are quite dramatic and fabulous. Would make
great centerpieces also. Wrapables

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Tooshie Patootie said...

Just stopping by to say GREAT WORK Lisa and a big CONGRATS!

<3 J